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  • Introducing Manrose

    Introducing Manrose. The gentle rose, one of the most enduring notes in perfumery. Used for centuries as the primary ingredient in perfume making, this velvety bloom symbolised ethereal beauty and passion.Todays master perfumers continue to reinterpret the classic note in new and exciting ways. M...
  • Gelsomino | A Sicilian Dream

    Style and beauty muse, Annabel Falco (@annabelfalco), shares her favourite scent for the season. "I promise you, she smells as chic as she looks... if I can't do an Italian summer... at least I can smell like an Italian summer!"
  • Meet The Maker | Via Dei Mille Sicilia

    We explore the lens behind a creative life and get to know the distillers, perfumers, and creators that are part of The Profumeria famiglia. An abandoned flower distillery in the baroque town of Noto, Sicily, sets the scene of retracing his grandfather’s steps. Stefano Alderuccio, grandson of Salvatore Scorsonelli, and now founder of Via Dei Mille.