Meet The Maker | Via Dei Mille Sicilia

We explore the lens behind a creative life and get to know the distillers, perfumers, and creators that are part of The Profumeria famiglia.

An abandoned flower distillery in the baroque town of Noto, Sicily, sets the scene of retracing his grandfather’s steps. Stefano Alderuccio, grandson of Salvatore Scorsonelli, and now founder of Via Dei Mille

Sometime in the ’50s, Salvatore began the process of distilling flower essences, in particular the Zagara essence, in his garden. The Zagara is the intoxicating blossom of the bitter orange tree, the Albero di Arancio amaro, and when in full bloom produces vigorous and sour oranges (unlike their sweet counterparts). Salvatore started exporting his essences to the French perfumery capital, Grasse, which were to be used in groundbreaking perfumes of their time. And then, one day … he stopped producing.

Stefano and his brothers remember playing in the garden of their grandparent’s house, filled with what still is a typical Sicilian sight: Jasmine, Almond, and rows of Citrus trees. It is well known that Citrus fruits hold a special place in the heart of every Italian home. So why did this all take a pause in time? Why did these memories and soul-enriching experiences meet an untimely end..? Fast forward to 2011, and Stefano began the journey of finding out why his grandfather stopped distilling essences; and better yet, to open the doors again.

For the distillery was dripping with the same invigorating scents his grandfather would adorn the walls with. Stefano and his brother managed to resurrect his grandfather’s business, and Via Dei Mille was reborn. Today, the brand focuses on offering the finest fragrances, using high-quality ingredients from local suppliers using the essence as a core of the fragrances. The collections are modern, fresh, and crisp, all of which celebrate the Italian way of life.

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