Scents To Uplift Your Mood

It is well known that scent triggers memories. Equally subtly, it can also influence our mood. Some scents will change our entire disposition (while others ruminate quietly in the background) - uplifting when we feel lethargic, recharging when we are drained.

If you are currently working from a makeshift office space - is your dining table crawling with “work” - finding ways to inject balance has never been more paramount. The concept of “taking work home” is real and maintaining productivity can feel exhausting, especially without the energy of colleagues and peers to dilute and counterbalance us.

For us, making small but considered changes to our routine has been an almost certain way to ensure we maintain some semblance of work-life balance: a morning walk, a delicious piccolo while we catch up on our favourite podcast, taking the time with our skincare regime - these are some of our favourite rituals before the workday commences. It will come as no surprise that one last element we never neglect is scent!

Its capacity to transform a workspace is undeniable. It’s all about finding something that works - whether it be to uplift, to calm, to balance or to energise - scents are fluid and can be changed to suit the specific intention of the day (... or the hour).


Known for its calming effects, and its ability to promote concentration and clarity, lemon is the ultimate companion for when you are anticipating a big work meeting or looking for ways to wind down after a long day. The humble citrus favourite sitting idly by in your fruit bowl is known to reduce the signs of stress. We like to add a few slices to our hot water, sipping it throughout the day, or when we need something a little more concentrated, we take a few drops of lemon essential oil and add it to a diffuser. Fresh, uplifting and energetic - who knew?

Where you will find lemon at The Profumeria: Via Dei Mille’s fresh citrus notes meld perfectly with the warmth of tonka bean and patchouli in ‘Zagara’ 


Jasmine is by far one of the prettiest flowers to bloom in spring. And its scent reminds us that summer days are around the corner. Apart from these aesthetic and memory-triggering qualities, it turns out jasmine is a powerful scent when it comes to settling stress. For many, it works to calm nerves (fare thee well nervous tension, I hardly knew you), and for others it releases feelings of confidence and optimism. Its uplifting capabilities will leave you with a sense of revitalised energy (something, we could all use a little extra of right now). While the option of walking through an immaculately kept jasmine garden is a little unseasonal, look for ways to add it to your daily routine. Whether it be a delicious, warm jasmine tea or a spritz of your favourite fragrance, let the mood-enhancing jasmine take centre stage this week.

Where you will find Jasmine at The Profumeria: Jasmine plays a key role across a number of The Profumeria’s brands, however, it truly takes centre stage in Ortigia Sicilia’s ‘Florio’ collection. So light a candle or hydrate with the Florio body cream - calming and transportive? Yes, please!


If you’re feeling mentally drained and concentration is waning, cinnamon might just be the antidote to improve your focus. There is nothing worse than joining a Zoom team workshop in zombie-like mode. Invigorate the mind with the powerful cinnamon. Outside of being a truly delicious spice, cinnamon has some exceptional health properties that we can absolutely get behind. Look for ways to incorporate this delicious spice into your diet - whether it be a sprinkle of cinnamon on top of your chai, or drinking a pure cinnamon tea (extra kudos for its antioxidant properties) or taking a pure essential oil and adding a few drops to your diffuser, enjoy the relaxing benefits of this humble spice.

Where you will find Cinnamon at The Profumeria: To add a little something extra to your morning beauty routine (or for a special evening), we can’t go past Nassomatto’s ‘Pardon’. A fragrance for both men and women, we love Pardon for its decadence and refined charm. A perfect blend of florals, sandalwood and cinnamon, look no further if you want a fragrance that traverses sexy, elegant and classic in a simple spritz to your neck and wrists.

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