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  • Creating Rituals At Home

    Rituals can be simple in their requirements, repeated like clockwork each day. Others we reserve for just once a week, to create a familiar sense of celebration and comfort. With so much more time being spent at home, we have become our own in-house mixologist, chef and facialist. They are rituals we have created for ourselves, and while our newfound skills may not hold up in the real world, they make our time at home productive, grounding and a little bit luxury.

  • Benvenuta! Thank you for visiting The Profumeria

    The Profumeria, a destination for discovering incredible, niche Italian beauty brands - was born of a love for the lifestyle, spirit, romanticism and culture of Italy. When it comes to Italian beauty products, we were struck by the focus on natural ingredients, the complexity of scent compositions, and the detail that goes into design. Each of the brands you find here, we believe them to be the perfect synthesis of each of these elements.