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  • Scent Back In Time

    Ortygia is a small south-eastern island at the end of Siracusa and is home to three sides of the sea. You can almost smell Africa from the edges, where the breeze caresses your face and the sunshine is good for the soul. This beautiful corner of the world was once home to lush gardens, rows of citrus orchards, and atmospheric festivities. We can just smell the aromatic blood oranges growing in the groves among lemon trees, near Europe’s highest active volcano, Mt Etna. It is without wonder that Ortigia Sicilia has perfectly captured the essence of Siracusa in its soaps, candles, and scents to the point of almost retrofitting back in time. 
  • Fragrances You Won't Want To Stop Spritzing This Spring

    La Primavera’ (Spring) is officially upon us. A season which brings new beginnings and a sense of restored energy. Fresh buds begin to bloom, and the days are warmer. With the change of season, it's the perfect opportunity to give our fragrance wardrobe a little refresh. Whilst the colder months appeal to comforting woody scents, spring calls for lighter fragrances that are refreshing and invigorating.
  • Scents To Uplift Your Mood

    It is well known that scent triggers memories. Equally subtly, it can influence our mood. Some scents will change our entire disposition - uplifting when we feel lethargic, recharging when we are drained. If you are currently working from a makeshift office space - is your dining table crawling with "work" - finding ways to inject balance has never been more paramount. It will come as no surprise that one element we never neglect is scent! Its capacity to transform is undeniable.