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Blamage is a mysterious fragrance, which draws inspiration from the acceptance of failures. The creator Alessandro, also known as the Nose, was inspired to create a scent which captured all of his previous mistakes in one bottle. This fragrance is all about accepting ourselves, and learning from our failures. A fragrance with a very long formulation, and hundreds of ingredients, Blamage features notes of florals with a woody, leathery character. The result is a mysterious, intriguing and completely original scent.

Each fragrance from the Nasomatto collection has a very distinctive cap lid, representing the inspiration and ingredients used to create the scent. The cap lid for Blamage is made from hazelwood lacquered in white. The distorted shape of the cap representing 'a mistake'. 

Blamage is an 'extrait du parfum' which is the highest concentration of a scent. A powerful extract, only 2-3 drops are required per application. 

Made in Italy.

Notes: Woody, Floral, Metallic, Sweet

Size: 30ml


Spritz as desired applying to pulse points


Nasomatto was established in 2007 by Alessandro Gualtieri. He earned the name “Crazy Nose”, which in Italian translates to ‘Nasomatto’, due to the fact that his creations are daring and formula’s uncommon. Each fragrance is formulated with top quality ingredients. ‘The Nose’ does not disclose ingredients used as he believes the smellers should interpret the fragrances in their own personal way.

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