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The Oway Detox Cleanser & Body Oil Duo is the perfect cleansing and hydrating set. 

The Detox Body Cleanser is a detoxifying and anti-dryness shower gel with a creamy consistency. Composed of a gently cleansing base of vegetable origin, it has a valuable anti-dryness effect. Formulated with organic echinacea and purple rice, its packed with antioxidants which protect the skin from external agents, leaving it silky and soft.

The body oil-elixir is formulated with precious oils that leave the skin feeling wonderfully soft and luminous. The oil contains a satiny effect that wraps the skin in a subtle aromatherapeutic fragrance. 

Composed of 100% natural origin ingredients, the oil helps to compact and strengthen the skins protective barrier, and has an elasticising effect which aids with prevention of stretch marks.

Nickel tested/ Dermatologically tested/ Natural ingredients/ Certified bio dynamic formula/ Sustainable product/ 100% produced with green energy/ Cruelty free/ Vegan formula

Bio dynamic walnut - rich in Vitamin C, flavonoids and tannins, it performs and anti-age, anti-blemish and anti-redness action
Etchically produced purple rice- leaves skin soft and smooth. Its characteristic purple colour comes from the high anthocyanin  content, which gives it special antioxidant properties and leaves your skin soft and compact
Organic echinacea - it performs a normalising, re-epithelising, soothing function. It also acts on the connective tissue of the skin with an antioxidant and anti radical boost

Made in Italy

Size: Detox Body Cleanser 270ml/ Body Oil 140ml


Detox Body cleanser: Apply to wet skin and massage to cleanse. Rinse.

Body Oil: Apply and massage over desired areas of the body until completely absorbed.


Oway Beauty is certified beauty made of fresh, healthy and controlled natural ingredients. Each Oway Beauty formula contains raw materials from plants grown according to the cleanest techniques of biodynamic and organic agriculture. The beauty line does not contain parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, artificial colourants or phthalates. Oway Beauty uses only transparent glass and aluminium that are 100% pure and recyclable – an important choice and gesture of attention to our Planet.