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Revitalising face concentrate which protects skin against external aggressions and increases its natural power of self-defense.

Formulated with extract of physalyis angulata which strengthens and protects the skin, making it more resistant and regenerated from the inside. Will leave the skin feeling stronger, vital, young and more supple.

Also ideal after exposure to the sun before applying after-sun cream.

Can also be used in combination with the Radiance Face Balm either prior to cream application, or by mixing 3-4 drops with cream and applying to face.

Nickel tested/ Dermatologically tested/ Natural ingredients/ Certified bio dynamic formula/ Sustainable product/ 100% produced with green energy/ Cruelty free/ Vegan formula

Physalis angulata - cortisone-like action which strengthens the skin immune defences, increases the multi-active defense capability of the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis

Made in Italy

Size: 25ml


Apply 3-4 drops on face and neck. Massage until completely absorbed. 

If using in combination with Radiance Face Balm, apply 3-4 drops to small amount of cream and massage on face and neck until completely absorbed


Oway Beauty is certified beauty made of fresh, healthy and controlled natural ingredients. Each Oway Beauty formula contains raw materials from plants grown according to the cleanest techniques of biodynamic and organic agriculture. The beauty line does not contain parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, artificial colourants or phthalates. Oway Beauty uses only transparent glass and aluminium that are 100% pure and recyclable – an important choice and gesture of attention to our Planet.