Gifting Fragrance & Taking A More Genderless Approach To Selecting The Perfect Scent

The art of gifting fragrance. It is, of course, one of our favourite topics.

We love the opportunity to guide our clients in selecting fragrances, whether it be for themselves or someone special. Some might even say it is our forte. One thing we are finding more often is that people are opting to be just that little bit more adventurous when it comes to picking the perfect perfume.

Gone are the days when we need to exclusively delineate between fragrances for women, and those for men. While certain notes and ingredients will undoubtedly appeal to more masculine and feminine sensibilities, we think the case for a more genderless approach to fragrance is a strong one.

How does this relate to the art of gifting fragrance, we hear you ask?

No longer do you need to rush between aisles at your favourite department store (or, online retailer… honoured to be at your service), searching for a Hemsworth or Beckham-worthy stud to tell you, you have, in fact, landed in the right section for male fragrances. Rather fragrance houses are urging people to think first about the person being bought for and let their personality, scent preferences and lifestyle inform your choices.

Perfume, in so many ways, is influenced by so many other factors: how it melds with the skin, how the fragrance modifies in certain temperatures when it will be worn, what memories it evokes for the wearer. Take Etro’s Man Rose - a wonderful example of an eau de parfum that traverses the genderless spectrum - an incredible blend of earthy notes, with the floral scent of rose. Or Nasomatto’s Black Afgano – a mysterious and hypnotic fragrance featuring notes of coffee, oud, tobacco and hash. At The Profumeria, it has fast established itself as something of a cult favourite purchased by men and women alike, who are drawn to the intriguing blend of woody notes with coffee and tobacco.

This merging of ideas in the world of fragrances also makes gifting much more approachable and exciting for people who want something a little different. Instead of thinking “top seller”? Think personalised: “what has the recipient long gravitated towards scent wise”.

The idea that florals are for women and earthy tones are for men is obsolete, relegated to the history books, if you will. The lines have been crossed, merged and reimagined… and fragrance now sits in a beautiful space where perfumers and creators are designing scents that are much more unisex. The choice of fragrance should be as individual as you. To that, we say che bello!

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