Fragrances You Won't Want To Stop Spritzing This Spring

La Primavera’ (Spring) is officially upon us. A season which brings new beginnings and a sense of restored energy. Fresh buds begin to bloom, and the days are warmer. With the change of season, it's the perfect opportunity to give our fragrance wardrobe a little refresh. Whilst the colder months appeal to comforting woody scents, spring calls for lighter fragrances that are refreshing and invigorating. Think soft jasmine, sensual rose, and zesty citrus'. Keep scrolling to discover our top fragrance picks this Spring.

1. Narcotic V by Nasomatto - a striking and alluring floral fragrance. An intoxicating blend of tropical flowers with hints of tuberose, jasmine and lily.

2. Shantung by Etro - a sensual and sophisticated scent. The opening notes are fruity with aromas of zesty mandarin and black currant, intertwining perfectly with the warmth of cashmere wood in the base note. 

3. Gelsomino by Via Dei Mille - a sunny and radiant fragrance, reminiscent of a Sicilian summers day. Gelsomino celebrates the beauty and richness of jasmine grandiflorum, one of the most emblematic flowers of the Mediterranean, combined with warm woods of vetiver and sandalwood. 

4. Florio by Ortigia Sicilia - inspired by the wild flowers that bloom across the Sicilian island during springtime. Florio is a soft and delicate blend of narcissus, passiflora (passionflower), and wild iris. 

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