Picking Your Scent This Winter

As the cooler months roll on and in, there are several things that see a seasonal shift. Coat and boot shopping fast become a priority, our skincare packs an extra dose of hydration and fresh salads take a backseat to hearty soups.

As for our fragrance? It would be remiss of us not to add a serious perfume shakeup to that wintry review. It is that time of the year when our florals take a backseat to intoxicating notes of amber, oud, and sandalwood.

We’re not proposing discarding the lighter, citrusy favourites altogether (especially as winter gives way to spring). And of course if the prospect of saying arrivederci to your lighter fragrances feels too hard altogether, learn the art of layering. The lighter options sitting atop a headier composition an add extra vibrancy and complexity.

We are looking to those perfumes that are heavier and woodier. Their evocative scents a timely reminder that it may just be time to pour a glass of Sangiovese and sit by the fire (...or, heater). With the evenings setting in earlier and the weather outside chilly, you are no doubt donning a few extra layers, so opting for a fragrance that can cut through is paramount. Enter the eau de parfum. The formidable eau de parfum has a higher concentrate of perfume oil, which will support the staying power of your chosen fragrance on the skin.

From there, start looking for fragrances that are base note heavy. Perfumes are broken out into top, middle and base notes. The top notes tend to drift away faster come winter, while the base notes are more potent. With that, we would recommend selecting for a fragrance that lists ingredients that sit in the wood or spice olfactory family - these base notes tend to be stronger and cling to your skin much easier. Think: sandalwood, oud, patchouli, amber and warm vanilla.

Finding the right seasonal fragrance is no mean feat, but is one that we love embracing. While you might be sitting there thinking ‘but, do I really need a new fragrance’, we say - cogli l'attimo (seize the moment) and add to cart. In the same way that there is nothing quite as divine as slipping into a new cashmere knit, we’d suggest that spritzing your newly anointed winter fragrance is truly an annual ritual everyone should get behind.


Elissa & Vanessa x

Need some inspiration?

Elissa’s winter pick is Black Afgano from Nasomatto, a mysterious and hypnotic fragrance featuring notes of coffee, oud, tobacco and hash. Whilst Vanessa is pairing Etro’s woody Rajasthan with the elegance of the ManRose patchouli base notes.



Nasomatto Black Afgano 30ml - $264 
Notes - coffee, tobacco, oud



Etro Rajasthan 100ml - $280
Notes - neroli, pink pepper, mimosa, musk



Etro Manrose 100ml - $280
Notes - bergamot, turkish rose, patchouli, musk



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