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They say scent is transportive and in every way, we agree with this sentiment. Scent is a marker of time, and of place. Even if that moment was fleeting, we believe through scent, a memory can be its most colourful and vibrant.

The Profumeria - a destination for discovering incredible, niche Italian beauty brands - was born of a love for the lifestyle, spirit, romanticism and culture of Italy.

It is a place close to our hearts and somewhere we have been lucky enough to explore a number of times. These are trips we are incredibly grateful to have experienced, as they opened our eyes to the magic of Italy (and, of course, its beauty offering). 

When it comes to Italian beauty products, and in particular fragrance, we were struck by the focus on natural ingredients, the complexity of scent compositions, the intricacy of the fragrance flacon, and the detail that goes into design. From sourcing ingredients from within their regions, to ethically producing formulations and the craftsmanship of product is truly exceptional.

Outside of larger cities, purchasing fragrance and beauty needs from the local ‘profumeria’ (or, perfumery) is very common. It was here that we found our inspiration for The Profumeria.

Each of the brands you find here, we believe them to be the perfect synthesis of each of these elements. And so it was, The Profumeria was born.

We hope you love exploring our brands - from fragrance, to candles and skin and body care - as much as we loved curating them.


Elissa & Vanessa x

The Profumeria founders

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